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Why is CloudWorks important?

Diagnostic tests are widely used, imperative and valuable at the frontlines.  We need real-time digitized test results & diagnoses.

Increased Confidence

Disease Surveillance


It is critical for countries to have visibility into their field-level diagnostic practices so that they can track and ensure accurate diagnosis to reduce unnecessary over-prescription.

CloudWorks’ remote validation capabilities ensure readings of rapid diagnostic tests are accurate, increasing confidence in your team’s results and maximizing their impact.

CloudWorks contains components to address the infrastructure and incentive barriers to using & scaling eDiagnostics and eReaders. It enables the creation of datasets and a metering system for eReaders and eDiagnostics to go-to-market.

Built from the start to be open source, interoperable and integrateable with any and all software and diagnostics you're currently using.

It provides an architecture and design that supports new RDTs to be added easily in the future.

Programs which are managing RDT programs at scale benefit from the CloudWorks global good web service which supports capturing and reporting more extensive metadata as part of the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit sessions, including full resolution images of RDT’s and detailed traces of usage to improve delivery.

There are two main components to the platform


The Rapid Diagnostic Toolkit (RDToolkit) is middleware software designed to integrate into the diagnostic workflow of any eHealth system. 

The RDToolkit already contains a database of RDTs with corresponding instruction sets and timers. It includes an eReader for malaria RDTs and provides a way to seamlessly integrate other advanced computer vision algorithm RDT eReaders into the toolkit.

An Android mobile app

The Web Dashboard enables high-level supervision of Community Health Workers’ RDT administration. It provides visibility of the RDT results to assist with monitoring and therefore confidence that the testing is happening and accurately.

CloudWorks is designed with global APIs to integrate with the Rapid Diagnostic Toolkit for low cost integration of eReaders into any eHealth system. The RDToolkit already contains a database of 6 malaria RDTs with corresponding instruction sets and timers.

A backend application, referred to as CloudWorks Backend or CloudWorks Server.

Open Source

CloudWorks is an open source global good middle-ware to ensure all stakeholders in the diagnostic ecosystem can interoperate with digitized readings of RDTs in near real-time.

While Dimagi offers a SaaS CloudWorks, it can be self hosted on premise.

Highly detailed RDT metadata

CloudWorks stores highly detailed metadata about RDT Result Capture sessions. This data gives visibility into how RDTs are being administered and whether best practices are being followed.

These data sets can be used for improving the associated services

Designed for Offline

The Rapid Diagnostic Toolkit is an Android app that will sync with the server when there is connectivity


  • Classifier - eReader RDT result classification (i.e. positive or negative) using Computer Vision/AI/ML
  • Computer Vision (CV) - is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers and systems to derive meaningful information from digital images
  • eDiagnostics - (as we define them) smartphone software that, by using existing technology embedded in the phone, like the camera scanning an eyeball, or the microphone picking up an audio cough sample, can diagnose a result based on that alone (typically no physical additional hardware components required)
  • eReaders - are computer vision (CV) libraries that can process an image of a RDT and automatically extract the reading of the RDT from the image (i.e. automatic classification/interpretation for accurate diagnostic decisions).
  • Middleware- enables communication and data management and in the case of the RDToolkit, it shares data with multiple backends including CloudWorks
  • RDT - Rapid Diagnostic Test