There are two components of Cloudworks: the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit and the CloudWorks Web Application.

  • Dimagi developed the RD Toolkit applications and performed field validation of its effectiveness, using the CloudWorks backend to capture metadata and raw diagnostics inputs for iteration.
  • CloudWorks is designed with Global APIs to integrate with RDToolkit, enabling low cost integration of eReaders into any eHealth system.

Both components can be used on their own or together. 

Rapid Diagnostic Toolkit (RDT)

Learn More About the Rapid Diagnostic Toolkit

CloudWorks Web Application

Learn More About the CloudWorks Web Application

The Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit is an Open Source mobile application that supports community health workers as they administer and record the results of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs), including eReader diagnostics. 

A middleware software designed to integrate into the diagnostic workflow of any eHealth system, the RDToolkit contains a database of RDTs with corresponding instruction sets and timers. It's available for use with CommCare, with or without the additional usage of the CloudWorks web application.


Dimagi actively releases new versions of the Toolkit. 

The application is turnkey and can currently provide its advertised value without further software development, but requires somewhat complex configuration. The application does require a developer to extend (adding new tests, translations, etc).


The CloudWorks Web Application is a Multi-tenant Open Source web backend to support diagnostic technologies.

The application captures de-identified high density data about the administration of diagnostic tests like RDTs, and supports the development and improvement of point-of-care diagnostics. The Web Dashboard enables high-level supervision of Community Health Workers’ RDT administration, providing visibility into results and to assist with accurate testing monitoring.


Dimagi is not actively developing the CloudWorks application. Organizations can access the open source code and leverage the Web App in its current form. 

The backend CloudWorks application functions to receive the raw, comprehensive images and other metadata captured during test administration. Organizations seeking to develop additional eReaders or to access raw data may find value using the RDToolkit.


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