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The Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit supports community health workers as they administer and record the results of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs)


  • Digital job aid to guide health workers in accurately administering RDTs

  • Disease-agnostic and includes a database of different RDTs with easy addition of new RDTs

  • Digitize the test result by supporting the health working capture a useful image

  • Using built in eReaders, it can classify RDT results, optionally displaying them to health workers

  • Works offline
  • Enables high-level supervision of RDT administration by sending images and metadata to CloudWorks

Assist frontline workers

The toolkit App offers assistance to workers to ensure they are following testing protocol including:

  • Built-in timers that inform users when a test is processing, when it is valid to read, and when it is too late to read.
  • The tool supports managing multiple simultaneous timers to assist frontline workers running tests on multiple patients at once.
  • Visual job aids and instructions on how to administer tests in their language.
  • Digital diagnostic aids in the form of RDT eReaders

It is designed to be used as a standalone tool or incorporated into existing eHealth applications to support workflows for applying RDTs.

Currently, the Rapid Diagnostics Toolkit (RDToolkit) is designed to be directly downloaded from the Android Play Store.

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An offline-enabled solution

Even when there is no network connectivity, healthcare workers can use the RDToolkit app and the data will be sent to backend server when connected.

A modular solution

The RDToolkit can be optimized for different settings using already available clinical guidelines (user instructions), as well as for specific settings using new algorithms developed by healthcare programs.

It supports the integration of other use cases, such as diagnosing additional diseases by including additional diagnostic components to the toolkit.