Welcome to the CommCare Application ("App") Manager Course


This course will guide you through each of the modules and specific skills required for obtaining a CommCare Application Manager Certification Course. This course will walk you through a series of tutorials; depending upon the level of complexity needed, you will need to complete the appropriate number of modules. You can see a detailed list of everything you will need to know by visiting the App Building Certification Syllabus/Checklist.

Please read the App Manager Role Overview for more information about the role of an App Manager.

Learning Modules

The pages below will take you to each module. Each module consists of:

  • Learning Objectives - a list of what you will learn in the module
  • Tutorials - step-by-step guides which will walk you through building your own application
  • Review Points - key reminders of things that could be confusing or of particularly important points
  • Exercises - extra activities or exercises to make sure you understand what is in the tutorial


  1. The Basics: CommCareHQ Overview and the App Builder (Levels I and II)
  2. Basic Form Building  (Levels I and II)
  3. Advanced Form Building (Levels I and II)
  4. Case Management  (Level II)
  5. Advanced App Building Features (Level II)
  6. Application Design (Level II)


Key Resources:

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