What does a CommCare App Manager do?

CommCare App Managers are ALWAYS responsible for:

  • Making changes, testing changes, and deploying new versions of applications


CommCare App Managers MAY be responsible for:

  • Building and designing new applications
  • Getting assistance from Dimagi or the CommCare user community
  • Using very advanced application building tools
What are the qualifications to be a CommCare App Manager?

While there are no strict rules about qualification for an App Manger, we recommend considering the following skills or abilities:

  • Proficiency with computers, including use of the Internet and high level of comfort in general navigation and troubleshooting
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel
  • Basic ability to read English, or seek out translation of English text
  • High level of comfort in use of mobile phones, particularly Android smartphones
  • Working knowledge of the users and workflows associated with their project.


What are the different certifications available as a CommCare App Manager?

All App Managers must successfully pass the CommCare Fundamentals examination before becoming certified as an App Manager.

App Managers can be certified as Level I and Level II. The level you achieve depend upon the complexity of what you need and want to do at your project:

  • Level I
    • CommCare Fundamentals
    • Basics of CommCareHQ
    • Basic Form Building
    • Advanced Form Building
  • Level II (all components of Level I, plus)
    • Case Management I
    • Case Management II
    • Application Design
    • Advanced App Building Tools

Level I is sufficient if you are working with Dimagi and just need to be able to make changes and manage versions on CommCareHQ. Level II is necessary if you are going to be involved in building new, original apps, or hope to sell you services as CommCare app builders or services providers.


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