In Part 1 of CommCare App Builder Certification, we're going to review some of the core concepts of CommCare and get started with application building.

If you have worked with CommCare a lot, some of these sections may be unfamiliar; however, we have made a lot of changes to the CommCare user interface recently, so it is always good to go through the Beginner's Tutorial again as a refresher.

You will find links below to parts of the CommCare Help Site. All of the materials have been recently updated and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Topic 1: CommCare Fundamentals

Exercise 1: Review CommCare Fundamentals

Learning objectives:

  • What is CommCare?
  • The structure of a CommCare application
  • General principles of data in CommCare, including what types are generated and how data moves
  • Case management
  • The difference between mobile and web users
  • Exercise 1

Topic 2: Building Forms

Exerercise 1: Complete the Beginner Tutorial

  • Setting up a new Project Space
  • Changing form, module, and application names
  • Creating a new form
  • Adding, deleting, and changing the order of questions in a form
  • Adding Question IDs and Display Text to a question
  • Adding a display condition using the Expression Builder
  • Adding a validation condition using the Expression Builder
  • Testing forms in CloudCare
  • Making a new version of your application
  • Testing a form in CommCare
  • Exercise 2

Exercise 2: Complete the Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial

  • The possible uses of Hidden values
  • How to use the Advanced Expression Editor Box
  • How to do basic calculations in a Hidden Value
  • How to write "if" statements
  • How to display the output from a calculation
  • Exercise 3

Additional Reading and Reference


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