Web User Management Overview

This module covers the process of managing CommCareHQ web users and roles.


This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
  • CommCareHQ Basics

Note: You must be an Admin of a project space, or have permissions to modify CommCareHQ Web User accounts


Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Links to Resources
Invite a new web user
  • Complete the process for inviting a web user to a project space
CommCareHQ Web Users
Determine if a web user has accepted an invitation
  • Locate the list of current web users and pending invitations
CommCareHQ Web Users
Resend or delete an invitation, as appropriate
  • Determine when an invitation can/should be sent again or deleted
  • Resend an invitation
  • Delete a pending invitation
CommCareHQ Web Users
Distinguish between the different default roles and explain what each can and cannot do
  • Explain and distinguish each role and the permissions for each: Admin, App Editor, Data View, Field Implementer, Read Only
CommCareHQ Web Users
Change a web user's role
  • Complete the process of changing a web user's role
  • Explain when a web user's role should be changed
CommCareHQ Web Users
[Paid Feature] Create, edit and delete a new web user role
  • Edit or delete default roles 
  • Create, edit, or delete additional, custom web user roles (beyond the default roles provided)
CommCareHQ Web Users



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