Advanced Features Overview

This module covers a variety of advanced, yet commonly used application building topics. These are not covered in any tutorials, but by following the guidance on the help site and trying them out you can gain experience in using them.

Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Link to resources

Use advanced configuration of the Case List and Case Details screens


  • Filter a case list to only show cases which meet a certain condition
  • Configure multiple levels of sorting
  • Explain how Fuzzy Search works
  • Use ID mapping and other advanced case list/detail "types"

Case List and Case Detail Configuration

Fuzzy Search

Use Child Cases (also known as Subcases)


  • Explain the parent/child case relationship
  • Provide examples of when using a child case could be useful
  • Use the case management configuration to open a child case
  • Reference parent case properties when working with a child case
  • Use parent/child case selection in a case list

Child Cases

Case List and Case Detail Configuration

Use Form Logic


  • Explain how form display conditions work
  • Create a form display condition
  • Recognize the different options for End of Form Navigation

Form Display Conditions

End of Form Navigation

Use Case Sharing
  • Define case sharing
  • Explain the behavior of cases that are shared across multiple applications in a project space
  • Set up an application and user groups for case sharing
  • Recognize the implications of case sharing for worker activity reports

Case Sharing

Worker Monitoring Reports

Multiple Applications in a Project Space

[Paid Feature] Use Lookup tables
  • Explain the purpose of lookup tables
  • Configure and update a lookup table
  • Add lookup table questions to a form
Lookup Tables
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