Advanced Form Building and Hidden Values Overview

Advanced Form Building and Hidden Values covers the uses of hidden values and use of the advanced expression editor tool to build display and validation conditions.  The basic structure of "if" statements is also covered.

Tutorial Available for This Module

You can learn everything in this module by completing the Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial.


This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
  • CommCareHQ Basics
  • Form Builder Basics


Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Link to Resources
Describe the possible uses of Hidden values
  • Store a value from another form, or from the case record
  • carry over specific data that are required in form exports
Hidden Value Calculations Tutorial
Use the Advanced Expression Editor tool to build display conditions or validation conditions
  • Recognize the limits to the types of expressions you can build using the CommCare Expression Builder
  • Recognize the importance of using the Advanced Expression Editor rather than writing directly into the question properties
Hidden Values Tutorial Part 1: Adding Two Questions Using a Hidden Value
Create basic calculation expressions in Hidden Values
  • Make calculations using values from multiple questions
  • Identify some of the supported expressions for basic math functions.
Hidden Values Tutorial Part 1: Adding Two Questions Using a Hidden Value
Perform a calculation with dates
  • Use date questions to make calculations
Hidden Values Tutorial Part 2: Calculations Using a Date
Describe the structure of basic "if" statements
  • Use the correct syntax for if statements: if(condition = x, then y, else z)
  • Find errors in incorrect if statements


Hidden Values Tutorial Part 3: If Statements
Display the output from a hidden value or previous question in the Label of a different question
  • Use output expressions to display questions and hidden values
Hidden Values Tutorial Part 4: Displaying an Output
Find additional functions that you can use in CommCare
  • Use the Help Site to discover other types of calculations and formatting that can be done
CommCare Functions
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