Applications in Multiple Languages Overview

This module covers all aspects of managing multiple languages in a CommCare application, including translation of form content, application-level text, and user interface strings.


The main section this module corresponds to is: Language configuration in CommCareHQ

This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
  • Form Builder Basics


Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Resources
Add a new language to a CommCare application
  • Build an application that supports multiple languages
  • Change the default language of an application
Language configuration in CommCareHQ
Use the Bulk Application Translation upload feature
  • Understand that this can update almost every required translation in your application, including forms, app/modules, case list/details, etc.
Bulk Application Translations
Define and update User Interface Translations
  • Strings that are not part of the application content you developed (i.e. "save form and exit", "start")
  • Follow instructions to manually update UI translations, or use the bulk translation tool
User Interface Translations
Translate the Application, Module, and Form names, as well as the case list/details screens through the Application Builder interface
  • Choose the language you want to use from the side menu, then edit each form, module, or application name
  • Can also do this through the bulk application translation tool
Case List and Case Detail Configuration
Use the Form Builder Bulk Translation tool
  • Translate one form at a time using Excel to manage the translations
Form Bulk Translation
Explain what types of fonts are supported by CommCare
  • Font must be supported by the phone, and should be unicode
Local Language Support and Fonts
[Paid Feature] Manage Lookup Tables in multiple languages
  • Use Lookup tables in multiple languages
Using Lookup Tables with Multiple Languages



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