CommCare Data Overview

This module provides a detailed exploration of how data is treated in CommCare and how to access and interpret data exports. Topics include: accessing CommCare data, including creating and using exports; configuring daily saved exports; and knowing the various uses for each type of data export. Additionally, common important metadata fields, case and form data, and CommCare data conventions will be covered.


This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
  • CommCareHQ Basics


Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Link to Resources
Distinguish between exporting forms and exporting cases
  • Describe the data contained in a form export
  • Describe the data contained in a case export
  • Determine when each export should be used (i.e. based on information requirements, a learner can determine which report will provide the needed data)
Data Export Overview
Create and download a form export and case export
  • Navigate to the appropriate page in CommCareHQ
  • Understand and configure Export Settings
    • Set export name according to best practice naming conventions
    • Explain each default file type option and select the option appropriate for the export
    • Explain what a Daily Saved Export is, and recognize when it is useful to select this option
  • Choose fields to export based on data/reporting needs 
  • Customize the export: 
    • Change the sheet name; change the order of fields; use select all/select none buttons 
    • Change the display text and communicate how changes impact the export
  • Recognize and use the filters options, including: user type, group, and date range

Form Data Export

Case Data Export

Create and download a bulk form export
  • Describe a bulk export
  • Complete the process for creating and downloading a bulk form export
  • Explain when to use this type of export
Section E: Form Data Export
Identify, interpret and use metadata fields
  • Identify and distinguish metadata fields from other data fields (on the Edit Export page and in an Excel spreadsheet)
  • Explain each of the following fields: 
    • For form exports: case_name, case_id, username, completed_time, started_time, received_on
    • For case exports: case_id, owner_name, opened_by_username, opened_date, last_modified_by_username, last_modified_date, closed_by_username, closed_date, closed
  • Answer questions about the form by referencing the metadata
Metadata Glossary
Understand who can access data within a project space
  • Recall which web user roles have permission to access data
  • Explain who has access to exports within a project space
  • Distinguish between who can view exports versus saved reports within a project space

Managing Saved and Scheduled Email Reports

Form Data Export

Access and export form contents to Excel for data analysis
  • Locate "Export Form Contents" option within the Form Builder
  • Complete the process of exporting form contents to Excel
  • Given an Excel file containing form contents, be able to interpret a form data export
  • Explain when exporting form contents is useful
Export Form Contents



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