Multimedia in CommCare Overview

This module covers best design practices for developing multimedia content for CommCare applications, as well as the core skills for adding, updating, and managing media files in CommCareHQ.

This module requires completion of:

      • CommCareHQ Basics
      • Form Builder Basics
      • Advanced Form Builder and Hidden Values
      • Basic Case Management
      • Advanced Case Management


Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able toLink to Resources
Identify the types of multimedia content that can be added to a CommCare application.
  • Identify supported multimedia content types
  • Provide the preferred formats for each type of media
Multimedia in CommCare
Understand best practices for multimedia use in CommCare
  • Describe the qualities of a good image for a CommCare app

  • Describe the qualities of a good audio clip for a CommCare app

  • Describe the qualities of a good video clip for a CommCare app

Images in CommCare

Playing Audio in CommCare

Video in CommCare

Upload a media file using the Form Builder
  • Add a media file for a question in the form builder
  • Validate that all media are correctly uploaded using the Multimedia Manager 
  • Recognize an error message which indicates missing media files
  • Respond to common errors associated with media files

Multimedia in CommCare

Skipping multimedia validation

Download and Install multimedia files
  • Download multimedia files from the Multimedia Manager or Deploy section of an Application
  • Explain how to include multimedia files when installing an application on either CommCare for Android or for Feature Phones

Android Online Install (with multimedia)

Installing multimedia (Java Phones)

Create and use form or module Icons
  • Select or create appropriate images based on module or form purpose
  • Upload an icon for a form
  • Upload an Icon for a module

Icons in CommCare



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