Using CommCare for Android Overview

This module covers all aspects of the basic and advanced use of Andorid devices and CommCare applications for Android. This module is the equivalent of the skills that are required of a highly skilled mobile worker.


This module requires completion of:

  • CommCare Fundamentals
Learning ObjectiveThe learner should be able to:Links
Use best practices to maintain a mobile device's working condition
  • Recall best practices for keeping the phone safe
  • Use best practices for stretching battery life, such as keeping WiFi off when not necessary, monitoring battery level,
Project Phone Management

Recognize and explain the purpose of the key buttons and parts of an Android device

  • Locate and explain the purpose of the SIM card
  • Locate and explain the purpose of an SD card
  • Locate and be able to use the buttons: power, volume, and menu
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Interpret the symbols used on an Android device status bar
  • Recognize and be able to explain the status of the symbols for WiFi connectivity, network connectivity, battery level, date/time, etc.
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Locate and open the CommCare Application
  • Open CommCare via a shortcut and also from the application list

CommCare for Android Smartphones

CommCare Home Screen Shortcuts

Log-in to CommCare
  • Use the appropriate username/password combination to enter CommCare
  • Respond to a "wrong username/password" error message
  • Explain the importance of logging out after work and recall that workers can automatically be logged out
  • Understand that internet connectivity is only required to log in the first time
  • Explain the importance of doing work under your own username
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Use Demo mode for practice on CommCare
  • Access CommCare Demo mode from the main screen
  • Distinguish between "real" and Demo mode, be able to identify which mode you are in, and explain when each is appropriate to use
  • Explain the limitations of using demo mode
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Navigate the application through modules, forms, case lists, and case details
  • Explain the purpose of modules and forms and be able to go back and forth between different forms and modules
  • Distinguish between the case list and case details
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Understand the process of submitting forms
  • Successfully submit a completed form
  • Explain what happens when a form is submitted while working in an area without connectivity
  • Recognize if there are unsynced forms on an application
  • Be able to manually force unsubmitted forms upon arriving in an area with connectivity
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Understand the process of syncing data
  • Understand that data is synced upon first log-in, and subsequently upon pushing the "sync now" button, unless the application is configured to sync data more frequently
  • Recognize the implications of not syncing data
  • Distinguish between submitting data and syncing data
  • Identify the types of data that are pulled down to the Android device when syncing data (i.e. case data from case sharing workers, fixtures, etc.)
  • Explain what happens when you push the "sync now" button
  • Determine the last date and time that a sync occurred
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Complete a CommCare Form
  • Recognize and enter responses to all common question types, including text, numeric, ID, date, time, single choice, multiple choice, etc.
  • If relevant, recognize and enter responses to advanced question types such as GPS capture, signature capture, image capture, etc.
  • Respond to validation error messages or Required Question messages
  • Play audio or video files, if present
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Exit a CommCare Form
  • Distinguish between saving changes, ignoring changes, and cancel after hitting the back button within a form
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Use CommCare Form Settings
  • Change the text size within a form, and recall that this change only needs to be done once per user per application
  • Navigate to the Go To Prompt page, use it to navigate within a form, and explain how it can be useful
  • Change the language of a form
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Use CommCare Home Screen Settings
  • Change the overall application language
CommCare for Android Smartphones
Update a CommCare Application
  • Navigate to "Update CommCare" in the main application menu
  • Recognize if an application is up-to-date by trying to update
  • Find the current version number on the home screen
How to Update CommCare Application Content
Update the CommCare Client
  • Distinguish between the Application Client from the Play Store and the App Content
  • Update the CommCare Client from the Play Store
  • Find the current version number on the home screen
Upgrading CommCare Mobile Software
Understand the difference between complete, incomplete, saved, and submitted forms
  • Navigate and use the Incomplete and Saved Form folders on the CommCare Home Screen
  • Explain which forms have reached the server, which are on the phone and editable, and which on the phone are not editable
  • Update and submit an incomplete form
CommCare Form Management Features
Report an Issue when a technical issue is encountered
  • Perform a network test from the CommCare Home Screen settings page
  • Report an issue from a Force Close error (whenever an error message provides the option to report an issue)
  • Report an issue from the CommCare application home screen
  • Include appropriate detail with the bug report, such as username, description, and any other detail
Bug Reports



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