We have mastered saving data to the case, and now you've seen how case properties are useful to reference in the case list. But now let's explore how to reference case properties in forms!


Advanced Case Management Tutorial Part 3 Learning Objectives
  • How to use the Case Management Window
  • How to distinguish between case and form references

The Case Management Window

When you open the form you may also notice something different - the Case Properties Window. You may need to expand the box if it is collapsed at the bottom of the page.

The Case Properties Window is your tool for referencing case properties within a form. 

You can see a folder that has the case type for this form (pregnancy) and within it, all of the case properties that you previously saved. 

Now you can drag and drop case properties just like you would another question!

Let's try it out.

Easy References

Previously you were using lots of different questions when making display conditions, validation conditions, and calculations. However, because this form updates a case, you can use a combination of questions and case properties. 

You'll notice that the easy references for these two look different. Let's compare the question feeling_sick with the property feeling_sick:


Case Property:  

Questions are always blue and contain an icon that represents the question type, while case properties are grey with a small square icon.

Additionally, if you hover over these you will see even more information:



Case Property: 

When hovering you will see a special syntax that is used to distinguish between these two items: #form and #case. In the rest of this page we will be using those terms in order to easily distinguish between them.

Okay, let's give it a try!


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