Welcome to CommCare for COVID-19 Response

To support organizations and governments with their ongoing COVID-19 response efforts, Dimagi is providing free resources for our open source digital health platform, CommCare

Pro Bono Subscriptions

Dimagi is providing pro bono subscriptions for our open source platform, CommCare, to COVID-19 response applications through May 2021.  

To access this pro bono subscription support for your COVID-19 CommCare application, please submit your COVID-19 CommCare project information in this form for review.

Template Applications

Dimagi is rapidly deploying free, pre-built COVID-19 template applications. These can be used on Android smartphones to carry out disease surveillance and educational activities based on leading clinical protocols from the World Health Organization, CDC, and others. We will be rolling out more in the coming weeks.

All free COVID-19 Template Apps are housed in this library (http://www.commcarehq.org/covid19) and can be imported into your CommCare project space.

Template Apps


WHO First Few X (FFX) CasesThis application reflects the WHO's protocols to investigate the First Few X (FFX) cases and their close contacts. Available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Supporting Materials


General Resources
Guidance for to get started with your COVID-19 template application - including downloading process, putting it on a phone, and other resources.
Data for COVID-19 Template AppsThis page provides users with information about accessing data in CommCare and links to additional information.

Other Resources

In addition to the above, Dimagi will also be releasing other COVID-19 related resources.



User ForumA sub-thread in our CommCare Users Forum for members to share thoughts on deploying CommCare applications for COVID-19.
MultimediaFree downloadable multimedia designed by Dimagi's graphic designer for COVID-19 response. Can be used in mobile applications, training guides, etc.

CommCare in Action

Below are a few examples of how other organizations are using CommCare for COVID-19 response.



A United States CountyThe Centers for Disease Control is using a CommCare Web App with SMS to support contact tracing and monitoring Persons Under Investigation (PUIs).
Ogun, NigeriaIn Ogun, Nigeria, State government officials are using CommCare as part of their COVID-19 response strategy.
Sierra Leone (DSTI)Sierra Leone's Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI) is using CommCare as part of the contact tracing and community education aspects of their COVID-19 response strategy.

To learn more about how Dimagi is supporting COVID-19 response efforts, please visit the following concept note

Free Materials are published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. You are free to redistribute and adapt them for non-commercial purposes.