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Download Report Data

This endpoint will allow you to download the results of running a report on CommCare.  To identify the reports available, use the List Reports API.

Authentication: For more information, please review CommCare's API Authentication Documentation.

Base URL:  https://www.commcarehq.org/a/[PROJECT]/api/v0.5/configurablereportdata/REPORTID/

Input Parameters:

The report data can be filtered (based on the report's filter) and is also paged.

offsetThe record number to start at. Default is 0.offset=100
limitThe maximum number of records to return. Maximum: 50limit=50

Each report can be filtered by filters defined on the List Reports API. Each filter is optional and can provide values for multiple filters.

For date filters, you are required to provide "start" and "end" ranges (ex. form_date-start and form_date-end)

To filter on multiple values for a given filter use the %1F separator between the values.

For numeric types, its possible to filter on greater than / less than (i.e. age > 10). To do this, you need to provide an operator and an operand. For example, to filter on age, you can use age-operator=>&age-operand=10. Valid operators are >= <= = != < >.


Sample Usage:


Sample Output:

  "columns": [
      "header": "District",
      "slug": "district"
      "header": "Num Children Visited",
      "slug": "number_of_children_visited"
      "header": "Gender-male",
      "expand_column_value": "male",
      "slug": "gender-male"
      "header": "Gender-female",
      "expand_column_value": "female",
      "slug": "gender-female"
  "data": [
      "district": "Middlesex",
      "number_of_children_visited": 46,
      "gender-male": 10,
      "gender-female": 35
      "district": "Suffolk",
      "number_of_children_visited": 85,
      "gender-male": 81,
      "gender-female": 4
  "next_page": "/a/[PROJECT]/api/v0.5/configurablereportdata/9aab0eeb88555a7b4568676883e7379a/?offset=3&limit=3&state=vermont",
  "total_records": 30

If the column type is "expanded", there may be multiple results for a given column - these named column_id-0, column_id-1, etc.  Each result represents a unique value of that column.  The headers section includes details on the value of each column.  

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