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After submitting a complete form, CommCare will by default return a mobile user to the home screen. However, using End of Form Navigation, you can instead send mobile users to a specific screen in your CommCare application.

Watch the introduction video for End of Form Navigation

How to configure End of Form Navigation

There are four options, but their exact behavior depends upon the application configuration:

  1. Home Screen - the "start" screen for Android, or the module list for feature phones
  2. Module Menu - takes the user to the module menu within the application in which they are working
  3. Menu (the name of the form's module will be listed in the drop-down) - takes the user to whatever screen the user would see when clicking on a module name.
    1. If the application is configured such that the case list comes before the form list, this will take the user to the case list
    2. If the application is configured such that the form list comes before the case list, this will take the user to the form list 
      Note: If the menu mode of the module is set to "Display only forms," even if you select this option for end of form navigation you will be returned to the home screen not the module screen.
  4. Previous Screen - returns the user to the last screen before the form is opened. Depending upon the application's configurations this could be a case details screen, a form list, or a child case list.

These options can be configured by proceeding to the Form Settings page (by selecting the gear next to the form name), proceeding to the Settings Tab.

Just choose the desired destination and save the change.

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