Force Log Submissions

If you encounter an issue on your mobile device, it's helpful to submit the device's logs before you report an issue.

  1. To do this, connect the device to the internet and navigate to the CommCare home screen. Then press the options button on the top right of the screen - three vertical dots in a row (see below image).

    CommCare - Home Page

  2. Next, select the "Advanced" option in the options menu. 

    CommCare - Advanced Option

  3. Next, you'll see the screen below, select "Force Log Submission". This will send our developer team your mobile device logs which will help us to troubleshoot the issue. When reporting an issue, please indicate that you have already submit the device's logs.

    CommCare Advanced Menu - Force Log Submissions

Data Change Logs

If you are unable to get to the point required for forcing log submissions because your app won't start up or let you log in, it may be helpful to share the Data Change logs to the support team instead. Please follow these instructions to do so - 

  1. From login screen, click on 'Go to App Manager'.

  2. Then click on options menu and select 'Advanced'.



     3.  You should now see an option called 'Data Change Logs' as shown in screen below


     4. Click on  'Data Change Logs' to see the logs. You should be able to share these logs using the share option menu from your phone.