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Linking between different cloud environments or an on-premise environment?

If you are linking between different cloud environments or from a cloud to an on-premise environment, you must email support@dimagi.com with the details. Our Support Team must perform steps 1 and 2 (below) with you.

The first step in using linked project spaces is establishing relationships between an upstream project space and one or many downstream project spaces.

Key Definitions:

  • Upstream Project Space: Refers to the project space from which content is pushed.

  • Downstream Project Space: Refers to the project spaces that receive the pushed content. You can also pull content in the downstream project space from the upstream project space. 

To link Project Spaces with MRM, the user needs the Multi-Environment Release Management permission added to their role.

In the Upstream Project Space

Link a downstream project space

If you link project spaces for the first time, you can do that from the Linked Projects page under Project Settings. Since this will be your first link, you should start from within the project space you intend to set as upstream, meaning the project space you want the content to originate from.

 1. Navigate to Linked Projects Spaces from Project Settings.

2. Select Link Downstream Project Spaces. Next, choose a project space from the drop-down menu. This will be the project space that you want to push content to.

3. The linked project space will display on the page.
You can link multiple downstream project spaces to a single upstream project space.

With MRM, you can only push linked configurations to one downstream project at a time, even if your upstream project space is linked to multiple downstream project spaces.

With ERM, you can push linked configurations to multiple downstream project spaces simultaneously.

4. Unlinking project spaces can only be done from the upstream project space; click Remove Link next to the name of the downstream project space. 

In the Downstream Project Space

You will see this page when you navigate to the Linked Project Spaces page in the downstream project space you created. 

Here you have the option to

1. Navigate to the linked upstream project space.

2. Link downstream project spaces from the current project space (thus making it an upstream project space). 

You need to link applications individually from an upstream project space to a downstream project space before you can push any content.


Here are some limitations to know about creating project links.

  • The project link must always be created from the upstream project space.

  • You must have the MRM/ERM permission added to your role.

  • With ERM, only projects under the same enterprise account can be linked together.

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