Welcome to CommCare! See below for resources on how you can get started using CommCare.

See What CommCare Looks Like

 CommCare in Action                                         


View other CommCare Videos for examples of apps, technology overviews, and partner videos showing CommCare in use.

Explore CommCare

If you just want to get a quick feel for CommCare and the CommCareHQ website without going into technical details, follow the steps below.

1. Create a free account on CommCareHQ

After you create an account you will have a project space where you can test out CommCare.

2. Add an application

Go to the Applications section of your CommCareHQ project space and try following the Beginner Tutorial to build a basic app.

Or, instead of building a new application you can download an existing app from the CommCare Exchange.  Don't know which application to try? We suggest:

After copying your application or building a simple version, you just need to Deploy the Application

3. Create a Mobile Worker account

Go to the Users section of CommCareHQ to create a mobile worker account. Detailed instructions are available at Create and Manage CommCare Mobile Workers. You will use this mobile worker account to log into your application.

4. Install your Application on a Phone or Tablet

Once you have built a form or copied an application from the Exchange you can download it to a mobile device - we suggest using an Android phone or tablet.

First, install CommCare for Android from the Google Play Store, and load your application. Detailed instructions are at Install CommCare for Android Smartphones.

Log in with your mobile worker account and start using the app!


Want to try a CommCare app on your Android device without creating an app on CommCareHQ?

Do you have an Android phone or tablet?

Do you want to just quickly install an application and try it out?

Step 1: Install CommCareODK for Android

Search for CommCareODK in the Google Play Store, or scan the following barcode to go directly to the correct page:

Step 2: Install a demo version of the Millennium Villages Maternal and Child Health App

Open CommCare and then scan this barcode:

(or enter http://bit.ly/1rTASrm)

Step 3: Login and Explore

username: maria

password: 123


Learn How to Use CommCare

Learning GoalResourceLevel of Technical Detail
I want a basic orientation to the general concepts of CommCareCommCare Fundamentals+

I want a guide to learning about all of the different parts of CommCare and let me choose the topics

(app building, project monitoring, technical support, etc.)

CommCare Learning Tracks+ / ++ / +++
I want to learn how to build applications following a step-by-step tutorialApplication Building Tutorial Series++
I want to take an online course about CommCare and earn credit for completing it.Dimagi Academy++

Learn More About CommCare Plans & Services

CommCare has different software plans to meet the needs of the number of users and feature sets you require. Details about these plans are available on the CommCareHQ website.

  • The CommCare Community plan is always free!
  • Whenever you create a new project space on CommCareHQ you have 30 days of complimentary access to the Pro Software Plan.

Dimagi, the company that creates CommCare, also offers Implementation Services. Details about these services are also available on the CommCareHQ website.

Join the CommCare Community

User Groups

There are hundreds of CommCare users all over the world. Want to get connected with people in your area, or ask questions?  Join the CommCare Forum

Are you a techie and want to connect with developers that are using or working on CommCare? Navigate to the CommCare Forum and follow the "Developers" category!

CommCare Help Site

You are currently on the CommCare Help Site - this website is Dimagi's main knowledge base and is full of tutorials, documentation, and useful links. Whenever you have a question about CommCare, this is the place to start!

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