We'll now configure a reminder that will be sent to every registered mother.  This message will inform them that they maybe receiving messages and what they mean.  

  1. To setup a reminder, go to the Messaging tab, then in the left side bar choose Reminders.  Then click on the + Add Reminder button.  

  2. We'll now configure when the reminder will be sent.  Give the reminder a name (ex. Welcome Message) and scroll down the Start section.
    • Send for Case Type: This controls which case type will cause the reminder to send.  Choose pregnancy from the dropdown list.  
    • Send Reminder For: This can be used to choose which cases will cause the reminder to send.  We want the welcome message to be sent to All Cases
    • Day of Reminder and Time of Day: You can also control what day or date and what time the reminder will be sent.  For this reminder, we want it to be sent Immediately 

  3. The next step is to choose who will receive a reminder.  There are a number of options (the case, the case's owner, or a specific mobile worker group), but for this reminder we just need to choose Case

  4. We can now specify the message content to send.  Choose the SMS send option and provide the message to send.  For this reminder, we can set the message to "You'll receive reminders and tips over the course of your pregnancy on this number."

  5. This reminder doesn't need to Repeat and we don't need any of the advanced options, so we can just go ahead and choose Create Reminder button. 


We'll now follow a similar process to setup our other two reminders for the tutorial.   Instead of setting up a reminder to all cases, we'll instead setup a recurring reminder to high risk mothers until they've visited the clinic.  

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