This page contains definitions and suggestions for how to interpret the metadata fields in CommCare data. 

App-Specific Fields

In general, the bulk of a form export will have these types of column headers, unless modified in the export configuration:

    1. Data displayed in the format: form.field_name (for instance, form.edd). Data entered by the mobile worker.

    2. Data displayed in the format: (for instance, Data entered by the mobile worker that then updated a case.

    3. Data displayed in the format: (for instance, Data created by the system during the creation of a new case.

Basic Form Metadata

When creating or modifying form export you will find certain fields are automatically included:

Field NameDescriptionOther Notes
numberNumber of the row of data; mostly useful for matching with other tabs for repeat groupsSee Repeat Data in Form Exports
formidUnique id for the form submission 
completed_timeThe time when the form was submitted (based on device time) 
started_timeThe time when the form was initially opened (based on device time) 
usernameUsername of the user who submitted the form 
received_onTime that the form was received by the server 

Advanced Form Metadata

Attention: Advanced Questions

If you're looking for a metadata field (like external_id) and cannot find it in an export, these fields can often be found by choosing "Show Advanced Questions" in the Form or Case Export configuration page.


Field NameDescriptionOther Notes
userIDCommCare-generated alphanumeric ID for a particular user. 
@xmlnsThis defines the URI which specifies the structure of metadata, which is 
@nameThe text readable name of the form. 
App VersionVersion of the CommCare application used to submit the form.This number corresonds to the list of versions in the Application Builder
deviceIDThe ID of the device from which the form was submitted.This number changes if you reinstall CommCare on the same phone. This used to be the phone's IMEI code in older CommCare versions though starting CommCare 2.48, we use a completely random identifier to populate this field. This change was done to meet Google requirements for Android 10+ devices.
locationID of the relevant location 
app_idUnique ID of the application 
@versionVersion of the specific form.Each time you save a change, the app builder increments this version count but this doesn't update the App Version column (above) until you build and update to that version of the app. 
stateShould be "XFormInstance" 
partial_submissionThis should always be FALSE. 
edited_onIf the form was edited, displays the system date/time of that edit 
submit_ipIP from which the form was submitted. 


Case-Related Metadata

There are also a number of fields which are unique to case exports, some of which are listed here: 

user_nameUser name of case owner, including
user_idUUID of user that owns the case3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339
date_modifiedDate and time case was last modified2011-12-13T15:09:47Z
closedStatus of the case (open, closed)false
date_closedDate and time case was closed2011-12-20T15:09:47Z
propertiesList of all editable case properties, including both special predefined properties and user-defined dynamic properties
Special Properties
owner_idID of the owner of the case (can be user or group)
case_nameName of caseRose
external_idExternal ID associated with the case123456
case_typeType of casepregnancy
date_openedDate and time case was opened2011-11-16T14:26:15Z