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1. In the Upstream Project Space, navigate to Linked Project Spaces on the Project Settings page.

Depending on your subscription you will either see the Enterprise Release Management or the Multi-Environment Release Management heading in the side-bar menu.

  • MRM is available on Advanced and Pro plans.

    • With MRM you can link many downstream project spaces to one upstream project space. However, you can only push content from one upstream project space to one downstream project space at a time. If you wish to push content from one upstream project space to many downstream Project Spaces at a time you will need to upgrade to our Enterprise Plan to have access to Enterprise Release Management
    • In order to link Project Spaces with MRM, the user needs the Multi-Environment Release Management permission added to their role.

The MRM Menu UI on the Project Settings page:

The ERM Menu UI on the Project Settings page:

2. Click on the Push Content tab

3. Select the applications and other content you want to push to downstream project spaces. You also have the option to search for content and projects spaces.

4. Select the downstream project space to which you want to push the content. 

MRM will only allow you to select one project space.

ERM will allow you to select multiple project spaces.

5. When pushing an application, by default, the latest released version of the selected application will be pushed to the selected downstream project spaces without releasing the application. This pushed application can then be manually released from the downstream project space.

If you want to release the pushed application in the downstream project space automatically, check the Create and release new build for the apps box. This is useful if you want to control the end-to-end process of application building, pushing, and releasing from one upstream project space.

6. Click Push Content. 

7. A banner will show that the application push is in process.

8. You will receive an email confirming that the process was successful. 

Content Matches

Matches may arise when pushing content from the upstream project space to the downstream project space in CommCare due to identical data model names, IDs, or labels. The data models are not linked configurations yet. Users have two options when pushing content:

a. Push or

b. Push & Overwrite Matches.

If the Push option is chosen, the system checks for matches and prompts the user to resolve them manually by either renaming or removing the downstream content. If the Push & Overwrite Matches option is chosen, all content in the downstream project space with matching data model names, IDs, or labels will be overwritten without notification. They are then considered linked configurations.

Push & Overwrite Matches can result in data loss if not used carefully. It is crucial to be aware of potential matches to ensure that data remains intact and avoid unintended consequences.

If the content is already linked configurations they are no longer considered matches. You will still be given both Push and Push & Overwrite Matches options, but both options will automatically overwrite the linked configuration. This is important to keep in mind, especially if the linked configurations was edited in the downstream project space. Read more about Linked Configurations and Editing Linked Configurations.

Push Content

If you attempt to push content from an upstream project space to a downstream project space and there is a match, you will receive an email notification that an error occurred. See the use case below.

In this use case, we have lookup tables in the upstream project space and the downstream project space with the same ID, but they are not linked configurations.

1. A lookup table with the Table ID LPS exists in the downstream project space.

2. A lookup table with the same Table ID exists in the upstream project space. You attempt to push the lookup table from the upstream project space to the downstream project space.

3. You receive an email notification informing you of the match and suggesting that you remove the lookup table before you attempt to push content again.

Push & Overwrite Matches

4. Instead of clicking Push, you select Push & Overwrite Matches.

5. A warning message informs you that you are about to overwrite content in the downstream project space.

6. You proceed. You receive an email notification that the release is successful.

7. The lookup table is changed into a linked configuration. The icon below indicates that data models are linked configurations. Read more about Liked Configurations here.

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