Are you a technical team member of the CommCare project at your organization? Will you be your organization's consult on resolving technical issues experienced at your CommCare project site? Are you learning how to build CommCare applications and overseeing the technical components of the application your organization has developed/is developing? If your answer to any of the above questions was YES, then the below list of short cuts is for you! 

Basic Application Creation

Best practices for building applications
Complete beginner tutorial for CommCare from setting up your project space, creating and testing your application, to setting up loading and closing cases
Tips on using different features of CommCare 2.0 in building xforms for your application, including referencing case values, dynamic multiselect inputs, binds, translations, and defining questions
Common logic and calculations, including different types of calulations like age or EDD, displaying answers to previous questions, validation conditions, display logic, concating values, linking forms, repeating questions, if statements, and pre-defining default responses.
List of various Xpath functions
How to create dynamic select options for questions that change over the lifetime of the program
How to work with datanodes to calculate and display values inside a form
Setting up and sending SMS reminders
Release Management of your application, including information on how it operates and what the outcomes of the “release” will be

Multimedia Creation and Integration

Guidelines for recording and processing audio in CommCare
Installing multimedia in CommCare. Includes information on audio, video, images, and the multimedia manager for organizing the audio/visual files for your application
How to install multimedia for your application in bulk

Using the multimedia manager in CommCare

User Management - Mobile Application Users, Web Users, Permissions and Invitations

Manage Deployment Reports
Information for managing CommCare deployments. Includes descriptions of Raw Forms, Errors, & Duplicates; Errors & Warnings Summary; Device Log Reports
Case Sharing, i.e. sharing cases between different users.


Common problems and troubleshooting guidance
How to report a bug in CommCare HQ or CommCare Mobile.

Other Information
CommCare technical overview: Architectural Diagram, CommCare standards, CommCare mobile, and CommCareHQ
Getting Started with CommCare, including term glossary, setting up HQ, setting up and managing users, and setting up Mobile Phones
Specifications for CommCare 2.0

List of known supported phones

Information on CommCare APIs

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