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Unlinking project spaces can only be done from the upstream project space; click Remove Link next to the name of the downstream project space. 

When you unlink project spaces, you remove the link between two project spaces. Currently, clicking the "remove link" button only marks the link entry as deleted in the project space link table without taking further action. This is because some data models in the system do not have a "upstream_id" field to track linked data. However, unlinking project spaces does not affect data models that have upstream ids.

To address the issue of preserving linked data for built-in roles, an exception will be made to unlink roles. This is because preserving linked data for built-in roles can cause conflicts when a second upstream project space tries to overwrite them. This approach balances the need to preserve linked data while addressing the specific pain point with built-in roles. Overall, the current behavior of preserving linked data will be maintained, as it is most acceptable and allows for rollbacks in case of mistakenly unlinking a project space.

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