This is a python package which checks the zip file structure against an Excel file to see whether the zip file satisfies the commcare app required structure (as laid out in the Excel file).

INSTALLATION STEPS [only necessary once]

  1. Install python for your Operating System(windows, Ubuntu, Mac Os). Steps are here:

  2. For windows, after installing python you might have to set the path in environment variables.
  3. Download script folder from here ( It should have the following  file structure:

    1. zip_checker



      3. zip_checker(folder)




  4. Paste the folder to your desktop
  5. Access the command line
    1. Open terminal in linux/Mac(Just search for terminal in launcher)

    2. or cmd in windows(search for cmd).

  6. Type the following command in the terminal/cmd to go to script folder in desktop
    1. For windows: ‘cd %UserProfile%\Desktop\./zip_checker

    2. Otherwise: ‘cd ~/Desktop/zip_checker

    3. Now run command ‘python -m pip install . --upgrade’ to install the script.


  1. Paste the zip and excel files on your desktop.

  2. Access the command line

  3. Go to your desktop in the cmd line (as described in installation instructions step 5, type only till ‘Desktop’ )

  4. In the cmd line type: ‘python -m zip_checker test.excel’ (change the file names as appropriate)

  5. Script will tell whether the zip is validated or not.

  6. If the zip is not validated. It will create an excel file ‘zipper_result.xlsx’ in same directory(in this case Desktop) which will have two sheets giving info about:

    1. Files which are not found in zip

    2. Extra files present in the zip


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