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There are two ways creating mobile users: Manual creation and Bulk upload. You should use bulk upload tool if:

  1. You have more than a certain number of mobile users (anyway, a lot)
  2. In your project each mobile user is associated with multiple locations / programs

Manual Creation

Go to Users screen and select "New Mobile Worker". Two steps are included in this manual creation process:

  1. Basic input: username and password
  2. CommCare Supply settings: clicking the username of the newly created mobile user, select 'Locations' to the right of 'Groups' and associate the mobile user with a specific supply point and program. 

Bulk Upload

This tool would allow you to create mobile workers in bulk and associate them with different locations all in one go. Go to Users and select Bulk Upload. Download excel file.

In sheet users, username and password are two required columns. All else are optional (phone-number would also be required if you are using CommCare Supply SMS instead of mobile app). 

Fill in the other fields as necessary and note that a user can be assigned a location (Supply Point) through the location columns. A user can be assigned multiple locations if desired, though for each additional location a new column must be added in excel (location_code 2, etc.)

Once you are done editing the download, upload it and if there are no errors, you will be shown a screen like the image below.

On the Mobile Workers page, selecting that worker's user name will bring you to Edit Mobile Workers. The Locations tab on this screen will show you what Locations (or Supply Points) are assigned to this user. Here, you can also see that user's primary location and any associated Program.

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