There are a number of factors you need to take into account to determine the best enrollment option for your suite of devices.

  1. Features
    1. The biggest difference between the enrollment options is the set of features that are available based on enrollment method
    2. Device Owner enrollment (DO enrollment) is ideal as it has a larger set of features available due to the technical method of installing FocusMDM on the device, where as with Basic enrollment, the installation and enrollment method is simpler, but unveils a smaller subset of features.
  2. Android OS
    1. Basic enrollment supports Android OS 4.4 and higher
    2. DO enrollment supports Android OS 6.0 and higher
  3. Old or new devices
    1. While both enrollment options can be used on old and new devices, basic enrollment will not wipe the existing data on the device clean.
    2. DO mode enrollment will require a full factory reset of the devices, so all existing local data living on the device will get wiped clean during DO enrollment.
      1. However, DO enrollment comes with the feature to automatically install chosen apps to the device upon setup, so there is no need to manually download approved apps to the device.
  4. Installation preference & time availability
    1. Basic enrollment can be done in 5-10 minutes per device by downloading the FocusMDM mobile app to the device and completing a basic setup
    2. If the device is old/in use, DO enrollment takes 10-20 minutes per device because it requires a factory reset. If the device is new, DO enrollment takes 8-12 minutes as it does not require a factory reset.
  5. Price
    1. Basic enrollment is covered in all plans
    2. DO mode enrollment is only covered in Advanced and Custom plans
  6. Current location of devices
    1. Basic enrollment can be done remotely if your devices are in the possession of people with fairly strong internet connectivity (enough to download an app from Play Store) and complete a few setup steps
    2. DO mode enrollment requires a factory reset of the device, making it a bit more challenging to complete by an end user- we encourage DO mode enrollments to be done by a technically savvy team, so devices often need to be recalled to a central office in order to complete DO enrollment