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Support for this feature is wholly being removed from CommCare. This feature was already deprecated in January 2019 in order to comply with updates to Google Play Store's policy, but was still supported on older versions of CommCare (2.44.4 and below). This feature will no longer be available as of September 15 2020. This means that the workflow will not be supported on the older versions of CommCare as well.

If users on your project space are still actively using this workflow, or if you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to reach out to us on and we'll be happy to assist!


Users must be registered in CommCare before they can receive reminders or SMS surveys.  Users can be registered in a variety of ways (a web-based application, in bulk through Excel (Bulk Registration of Contacts)).  They can also register themselves using SMS.  


  1. Go to your project's SMS Settings page (Messaging -> General Settings). You must a be project admin in order to do this. 

  2. To enable mobile worker registration over SMS, enable the "SMS Mobile Worker Registration" option:

Advanced Mobile Worker SMS Registration Workflow

It is also possible to initiate a mobile worker self-registration workflow over SMS which will lead to automatically installing a CommCare app from your project on the user's phone after they register, as long as the user has an Android phone.

If you know your users are using Android phones, you can follow these steps to initiate this workflow:

  1. Enable Self-Registration over SMS for Mobile Workers as noted above.
  2. Navigate to Messaging -> Mobile Worker Registration
  3. Click "Create Registration Invitation"
  4. Choose:
    1. the application you wish to be installed on the user's phone once they register
    2. the phone numbers of the user(s) (in international format) that you are sending this registration invitation to
    3. select "Android Only" under "Recipient phones are"
  5. Optionally, you can expand the Advanced options to also:
    1. choose a custom SMS message that will be sent to the users as the first registration message
    2. make email address be a required field to capture when the user signs up
  6. Click "Send Invitation".

This workflow from the Android user's perspective is:

  1. Receive an SMS with a link to sign up for a mobile worker account on CommCareHQ.
  2. Receive an SMS with a link that will be used by CommCare to install the app you selected from your project. This will start with the phrase "[commcare app - do not delete] ..." and can be ignored by the user but should not be deleted until CommCare has installed.
  3. Sign up for a mobile worker account using the link from (1).
  4. After signing up, the user will be directed to download and install CommCare from the Google Play store.  Once CommCare installs, it will automatically install the app you selected from your project when you sent the invitation, using the SMS from (2).
  5. The user can then sign into CommCare on their mobile device and begin using your app to submit forms.

Note that if not all of your users are Android users, you can also choose "Android or Other" instead of "Android Only" when sending the invitation. In that case, the first SMS the user receives will ask them if they are using an Android phone or not.  If the user responds that they are using an Android phone, the workflow will continue from the user's perspective as mentioned above.  If the user responds that they are not using an Android phone, they will be directed to sign up over SMS as described at the top of this page.