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If your messages are not in the message log, there is some basic troubleshooting that you can do. 

  • Check the Error Log:  Go to  View the Messaging tab and choose Reminders in Error on the left pane.  This should show you Reports -> Messaging History report.  This shows a list of reminders that failed to send out. all messaging events (reminders, keywords, etc.) and whether they had any errors.  Review this list and address any issues notes
  • Verify the Phone Number: You may have entered the phone number incorrectly - make sure you've included the country code when entering the number for the case or phone.  You can also send test message.  Go to the Messaging tab and choose Compose SMS.  Type the phone number here and a message and choose Send
  • Upcoming Messages not in Calendar: If the upcoming messages are not in your reminder calendar, then you may have not configured your reminder correctly.  Use the Case List report to make sure the registered cases have the right set of case properties (and match your reminders).