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SMS Status

The SMS Status This status can be one of the following values:


When SMS processing is paused, it's either because 1) you have exceeded your project's daily limit of messages that can be sent per day, or 2) your project restricts the times of day at which SMS can be sent and one of those restrictions is currently active. For the purposes of determining how many SMS are sent per day, the system will consider the 24-hour period starting at midnight in the time zone of your project.


All Messaging Events Status

The Reminder Status This status can be one of the following values:

All Caught UpAll due reminders events have been processed.
WorkingThere are reminders events which are due that are currently being processed.

Reminder Event processing is never paused. If your project's SMS Status is paused, reminders events will continue to be processed and any messages created will remain queued until SMS processing resumes.

Incoming / Outgoing SMS


This chart shows the number of SMS received and sent by incoming and outgoing SMS for your project over the given time period. A message counts as being sent when it has been Outgoing messages are only counted after being successfully handed off to the SMS gateway for delivery.

Messaging Events (Success / Error)

This chart shows number of messaging events that completed successfully as well as those that had errors over the given time period. Examples of messaging events include: sending due reminders, sending broadcasts, and contacts invoking keywords.