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  1. Go to the list of Saved Forms on the device, either by pressing the "Saved" button on the home screen (if it's available), or going to the home screen options menu and then selecting "Saved Forms". 
  2. Click on the filter button in the upper-right corner of that screen, and select "Filter: Quarantined Forms"
  3. If there are any quarantined forms on the device, they will appear in this list, and you will be able to open them for viewing to determine what exact form they were.
  4. You can also get more information about what is wrong with a quarantined form by long-clicking on the form in the list, and then selecting "Scan Record Integrity". A dialog will then pop up with some detailed information about the form and what may be wrong with it. This information can be quite dense, but it is very helpful to include if you are reporting an issue to Dimagi about the problematic form.



Usage Logs

See Force Log Submissions.