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  1. Make sure any local data is uploaded
    1. Log in to CommCare with your username and password, and ensure that the applicaiton isn't loading a screen informing you that it is sending unsent forms
    2. Log back out
  2. Clear the local memory on the phone
    1. Navigate to the phone's applications management menu, generally from the home screen the process is Options -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications
    2. Navigate to CommCare ODKAndroid
    3. Press Clear Data and confirm
  3. Reinstall your specific app
    1. Load up a barcode scanner on the device
    2. Scan the barcode for your application and confirm to navigate to it with CommCare
    3. Press the install button on CommCare, the screen will freeze but eventually load the login screen
  4. Restore User Data
    1. Log in with the username and password as usual. Since the restore is clean, it may take somewhat longer than usual.


This message, which can show up upon installation, is often due to a bad internet connection. This almost always means you do not have a strong enough Internet connection. Make sure you have Internet access.

"Unfortunately, CommCare ODK Android has stopped

If CommCare crashes and you get this message, you can get more detailed information about the nature of the problem by doing the following: