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owner_idUser or Group UUID (optional)owner_id=ac9d34ff59cf6388e4f5804b12276d8a(tick) SupportedAll cases owned by that entity (should not use with user)
user_idUser UUID (optional)user_id=3c5a623af057e23a32ae4000cf291339(tick) SupportedAll cases last modified by that user
typeType of case (optional)type=pregnant_mother(tick) SupportedAll cases matching the type
closedCase status (optional)
Supported: false, true (defaults to both)
closed=true(tick) SupportedAll open/closed/both cases
date_modified_startModified after this date (phone date)



(tick) SupportedDefaults to the first submission date.
date_modified_endModifed before this date (phone date)date_modified_end=2012-05-27(tick) SupportedDefaults to the current date.
server_date_modified_startModified after this date (server date)server_date_modified_start=2012-05-20(tick) SupportedDefaults to the first submission date.
server_date_modified_endModifed before this date (server date)server_date_modified_end=2012-05-27(tick) SupportedDefaults to the current date.
nameNamename=NEAL(tick) Supported 
limitThe maximum number of records to return.limit=100(tick) SupportedDefaults to 20. Maximum is 1005000.
offsetThe number of records to offset in the results.offset=100(tick) SupportedDefaults to 0.
external_id'external_id' propertyexternal_id=123abc(tick) Supported