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1. Obtain the audio message you want to play in any languages that you want.  We recommend using .mp3 files.

2. Read Multimedia in CommCare. Note that in CommCare, jr://file refers to the phone's SD card. You are free to define any sub directories you might want.3. Enter the filepath (including the name of the file and .mp3) Enter the translation key demo.warning.filepath in the UI translations section of HQ (see UI translations in CommCare.)

3. For the value, enter the location where you will put the audio .mp3 file on the phone's sd card.  See Multimedia in the UI translations page (see UI translations in CommCare.)  The translation key is demo.warning.filepath5. Place CommCare - remember you need to start the filepath with jr://file (which means the SD card) and end it with the name of the file .mp3.

4. When you install the application, place your audio file on the phone's SD card in the exact location you defined in step #3