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To identify which form submission a multimedia file came from, use the form_id (in green above). Each form submission has a unique form_id.

F. Shared Form Exports


Feature available on the Pro Plan or higher.

On the Pro plan or higher Commcare allows users to share Form Data Exports between users. To activate this option, follow the following steps:

Step - 1:  When creating the rules for the users make sure the role for accessing the shared exports is activated

When defining the roles and permissions make sure you allow users to have access to Shared Exports by adding to the role, the Shared Exports, more information about this process can be found here.

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Step - 2:  When creating or editing the export, define the access for the specific export, the options are:

  • Private: the export will not be shared with other users in the domain
  • Export only: other users will not be edit the case export configurations, they will only be able to export data using the export configurations
  • Edit and Export: if you select this option, other users will be edit the case export configurations, and they will also be able to export data using the export configurations

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Step - 3: Access Shared reports by navigating to Data → Export Form Data, you will find a section of "Exports Shared with Me"

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G. Common Questions Regarding Data Exports