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Instead of renaming the tab to one of the cases in your project when updating a single case type, use a generic name such as Sheet_1. 

STEP 2: Import the file

You have now created the Excel file to import and decided what unique ID to use to identify your cases. The next steps are to select the file for import and to specify the case type and the Excel column where your case ID is (so that CommCare HQ knows in which column of your Excel file the unique case ID is located).

STEP 2a: Select the File to upload

In your project, go to the Data tab and select Import Cases from Excel.


Select your file and click on >> Next Step. This brings you to a page that looks like this

STEP 2b: Determine the case identifier

If you see a different page chances are that the name of the case was used to name one of the tabs in the Excel file and Commcare will automatically consider this file as an import that updates multiple case types in a single file, to rectify this rename the tab to a name that does not match any of the cases in the project.


On the page above of your project space, you will need to complete two actions 1. Specify the Case Type to Update/Create and 2. Identify the Case by Specifying the Case ID you want to use. We're now going to look at each of these action