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In sheet users, username and password are two required columns. All else are optional (phone-number would also be required if you are using CommCare Supply SMS instead of mobile app). 

Once you are done with the sheet, go to sheet locations and associate each mobile worker with facilities. It is necessary to fill in username and location-sms-code columns.

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Once you are done with these two sheets, upload it and click 'Create Mobile Workers'. After you see the line "Your bulk user upload is completed!",  go back to Mobile Worker page and check if they are associated with facilities you assigned themFill in the other fields as necessary and note that a user can be assigned a location (Supply Point) through the location columns. A user can be assigned multiple locations if desired, though for each additional location a new column must be added in excel (location_code 2, etc.)

Once you are done editing the download, upload it and if there are no errors, you will be shown a screen like the image below.

On the Mobile Workers page, selecting that worker's user name will bring you to Edit Mobile Workers. The Locations tab on this screen will show you what Locations (or Supply Points) are assigned to this user. Here, you can also see that user's primary location and any associated Program they're associated with.