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  • Clear User Data: if you choose this, it will delete all of the current users’ data and bring you back to the log-in screen.
  • About CommCare provides some legal info about CommCareODK
  • Force Log Submission forces CommCareODK to submit technical metadata to the server.  This can be useful to the software team when troubleshooting problems.  A CommCare team member could request you to do this if there is a recurring bug in the software.


Form Management

Within the "saved" forms button you can find a list of all forms that were submitted since the last time the application data was cleared. You can further filter this list by submitted forms, unsent forms, or incomplete forms. After you "save a form as complete" it is tagged as "unsent" until CommCare confirms that the form has reached the CommCareHQ server, at which time the tag is removed. In the right image you can see a number next to "Incomplete" which indicates the number of incomplete forms.


Navigation Within Forms


When you open a form you will get the landing screen (left) that shows users how to navigate within a form by swiping the page.  When you try to skip a required question, or enter a value that is outside of the permitted range, a message will alert you that you must correct your answer.  If you press the options button/soft key, you will see four advanced options displayed at the bottom of the screen:

  • Save Form
  • Go To Prompt
  • Change Language
  • Change Settings

Advanced Menu Options


  • Pressing “Save Form” (left) will store the form as incomplete in its current state.  You will be able to access this incomplete form from the home screen
  • Go To Prompt calls up a list of all the questions/labels in the form.  If you have already entered values they will be displayed below the question text.
    • You can scroll up and down to review your answers, and is the preferred way to quickly review a form prior to submitting.
    • You can click on any question in order to go directly to it and update/enter a value
    • Go To Start brings you to the first page of the form, and Go To End brings you to the last page where you can submit the form
    • Go Up is only applicable in repeats.
  • Change Language allows you to toggle between the display text languages.
  • Choosing Settings presents several additional options:

Form Settings

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Settings includes the following options:

  • Link to the Open Data Kit website (ODK)
  • Text Font Size for changing the size of the display text.  You only have to do this once in an app and all forms will default to the text size you have chosen
  • Default to Finalized should be left as is because it determines whether a form is automatically saved as finalized when clicking "save" at the end of the form
  • Display Progress Bar determines whether this is a progress bar shown while filling out the form (see next section)
  • Display Intro Help Screen determines whether or not the first screen in the form explains how to navigate by swiping. I can also be configured directly on that screen of the form.
  • Show Splash Screen is currently not activated currently has no effect on anything

Progress Bar

By default, starting in CommCareODK 2.14, there is a blue progress bar across the screen that indicates the portion of the form that is complete. It dynamically updates based upon changes in display logic.

Starting with CommCareODK 2.15 you can disable the progress bar. You may want to disable the bar in forms that are very large or complex as it can cause performance issues.

To disable the progress bar open the desired form and open the Form Settings from the menu. Uncheck the box (see images above). You only need to make this change one time per form and then the progress bar setting will be the same next time you open the form.


Exiting a Form


Within a Form:
When you hit the “back” button in a form you are working on, you will get three options (note that "save changes" is not displayed while in sense mode):
  • Save Changes: stores a version of the form as incomplete.  This can later be opened and updated
  • Ignore Changes: deletes any changes you made/data you entered and brings you back to the home screen
  • Cancel: brings you back to the form you were working on
End of a Form:
On the last page of a form there will be a button to save the form and exit, as well as a box to “Mark form as finalized”.  If you remove the check mark, the form will show up in your “incomplete forms” and will NOT be sent to the server.  If you are in Sense Mode this option will not be exposed.  After choosing “save form and exit” you will see a message stating whether or not your form was successfully submitted.  If your form was not successfully submitted it will remain on the phone until a network signal is found. The check box on the last screen for "This Form is Completed" is not visible if the application is in Sense Mode.