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  1. Is the Android Operating System (OS) version 2.2 or greater
    1. Test by going to Settings -> About Phone
  2. Does the phone have internal memory (>4 GB) OR does it have expandable memory through an SD card?
    1. Note: If the phone is running Android OS 4.0 or higher, your phone can treat the internal memory as an SD card, so it is not necessary to have expandable memory if the internal memory is large enough (>4 GB). If the system is running 2.x and does NOT have expandable memory then it will likely not work; test the phone, look through the list of supported phones on this page for details on specific models.
  3. Does the phone come with an SD card?
  4. Does the phone support wifi?
  5. Does the phone have GPRS? Will this work with different telecom providers?
  6. Does the phone have GPS?
  7. Does the phone have access to the Google Play Store?
  8. Does the phone support all the languages you need for your project? 
    1. To test this, go to and open the chart for your desired language
  9. Can the entire phone settings be switched to another language?
  10. Does the phone work with the telecom provider you intend to use? (i.e. Can you make a call, use the internet, submit a CommCare form?)
  11. (For India) Is the phone less than Rs. 6000?
  12. Are there plans in the near future for this phone model to be discontinued?
  13. Will local vendors at your project site understand the functionalities of this specific model?
  14. Will the keyboard type work well for your deployment?
  15. Is the keyboard easy to use?
  16. Is it easy to press the center/middle button?
  17. Generally how usable is the home screen – is it easy to navigate the application and hard to make mistakes?
  18. Battery Life test:  use the phone for a day to test battery life. 

CommCare Android phone hardware requirements: 

  1. Android operating system 2.3 or higher

I've selected a phone, now what do I do?