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Android phones are typically used for low volume projects since cell phone companies usually limit the number of messages that can be sent or received through a regular phone number.

Short Code


vs. Long Codes

Depending on the gateway used, it can be a short code or a long code.  Long codes are similar to regular phone numbers.  Short codes are special phone numbers that have a specific name (ex. CommCare) or a shorter phone number and can be used to send a very high volume of messages.   Short codes also allow for reverse billing.  

Reverse Billing

When users send a message to your project's SMS gateway, they normally pay a per message cost - this is exactly like them sending a message to a friend.  Since this cost can dissuade users from using your messaging system, some gateways are reverse billed.  This means that users can send messages for free to the gateway, but you (the gateway) will pay for messages.