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  1. Go to your form that is used to register a new case.  Choose the Choice dropdown and add a new Multiple Choice Lookup Table question. 
  2. Set the question ID to owner_id (or whatever makes sense) and the label "What location do you want to assign the user to? (or whatever makes sense)"
  3. Choose the "Lookup Table Data" item in the left tree, and then choose the "..." button to configure the list of choices.

  4. Set the Query Expression to instance('locations')/locations/location[@type = 'TYPE OF LOCATION'] (note: be sure to change "TYPE OF LOCATION" to the specific type of location in your application. This will display the list of locations that are available to own the case.  Set the Instance ID to locations and the Instance URI to jr://fixture/locations.  Then click on the Save button. 
  5. Back on the Lookup Table Data page, set the Value field to @id and the Display Text field to name.  Note that the Lookup Table dropdown should say "Lookup table not found in project"
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    Save your form, and then go to the Case Management section of the form and save the question to the case property called owner_id, which is a especial special property used to define the owner of the case.