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Note: If a case is reassigned to a user that is later deleted, forms submitted against that case will still appear under saved exports unless the original user is deleted. An exception to this rule is if you are using case sharing. When you use case sharing, shared cases are NOT deleted when you delete either the user or the group. This behavior may change in the future for group deletion.Warning:


  • If you deleted a user, do not create another user with the same username. This can cause issues with your data


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  • If you just want to make sure that your users' case lists are clear you can Reassign Cases. However, forms are always associated with the user that submitted them, so if you reassign a case from User 1 to User 2 and then delete User 2, the case will no longer show up in any case list, but the forms will still show up when you search from User 1's submit history.

  • When you move cases to a new user, you are ONLY moving the "case"– not the individual form submissions.  It is strongly recommended that you NOT delete any "old" users if you want to be able to do any sort of data analysis.  Individual form submissions will always remain linked to the user that submitted them–even if that user is no longer active.  If you want to hide an old user's data you can "deactivate" the worker under the "settings & users" section of CommCareHQ.
  • It is not possible to directly delete a form.


After deleting the user, if the cases are still appearing in the case list on your mobile device, sync with server in order to remove them. If this doesn't work, you can try resetting the user's data (Clear User Data).

Deactivating Users

In general, deactivating users is not a useful method for getting rid of data.