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titleThis feature requires a CommCare Software Plan

This feature (CloudCare) is only available to CommCare users with a Pro Plan or higher. For more details, see the CommCare Software Plan page.


Feature: Message Log 

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The Message Log is a cumulative list of all the sent and received messages.

The message log is the key data source for the history of all SMS-interaction and it can be filtered by date and message type.

  • To access the Message Log, go to Reports, and find the Messaging section. 

Message Log includes: 

  • Timestamp - date/time from the server (shown in the project's timezone.)

  • User Name - name of the case or user

  • Phone Number - phone number of the phone involved in the interaction

  • Direction - incoming or outgoing message

  • Message - the actual text sent out or received in the message

  • Type of message 

There are many Types of SMS messages captured in the log. 

  • Broadcast - outgoing message content
  • Reminder - scheduled messages
  • Survey - collects data from incoming messages
  • Keyword - a word or letter that triggers an action in HQ including opening a form, sends a reply, escalates an alert. 
  • Other - messages from an unrecognized source

Also a single message can be tagged as multiple types.  For example, a survey that is submitted as a structured keyword will be tagged as survey and keyword.   

After applying the filter you can choose "export to Excel" if you'd like more complex analysis.

Use of the Feature

  • This is the first place you should go when investigating the use of Messaging in your project space.

Notes and Limitations

  • You cannot delete messages from the message log.

Feature: Message History