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The Message Log is a cumulative list of all the messages sent and received messagesIt This is the most complete data set for the history of all SMS-interaction and it can be filtered by date and message typeinteractions.

Go to Reports, and find the Messaging section to access the Message Log. 


  • Broadcast - outgoing message content
  • Reminder - scheduled messages
  • Survey - collects data from incoming messages
  • Keyword - a word or letter that triggers an action in HQ including opening a form, sends a reply, escalates an alert. 
  • Other - messages from an unrecognized source

Don't forget that a A single message can be tagged as multiple types.  For example, a survey that is submitted as a structured keyword will be tagged as survey and keyword.   


After applying the filter you can choose "export to Excel" if you'd like more complex analysis.

Use of the Feature

  • This is the first place you should go when investigating the use of Messaging in your project space.
  • The report can be filtered: to a specific data range, certain types of messages, and on locationsWhen investigating Messaging questions, start here

Notes and Limitations

  • You cannot delete messages from the message log.


Report: SMS Usage Report 


Describe the feature in simple language, including:

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  • Common use cases
  • Key relationships to other features
  • Use of the Feature

     Use this report to check the activity of mobile workers in your project. This is similar to the standard worker monitoring report. 

    Filtering the Report

    The report will let you filter to view a specific set of messages.  You can filter by:

    • Reporting group
    • Date range of the message

    Use the Report

    The report provides a high level summary for each user, with three columns

    1. Messages received
    2. Messages sent 
    3. Phone Numbers used 

    Notes and Limitations

    If the mobile worker has never used a phone number, they are also inactive. 

    Only contacts with verified accounts are included in this report.