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  1. Completed the final component (the migration) to the "save only edited form fields". 
  2. Improved broadcast functionality to allow receivers outside of the group to receive broadcasts.
  3. Enhanced location APIs and included them in the v0.6 API release, providing a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution with simplified development processes.
  4. Upgraded django-compressor from 2.4 to 4.1
  5. Web Apps: Implemented "date and time picker" improvements in forms and case search.
  6. Implemented visibility and editability of the "default mobile user role" in the role list, along with displaying it in the user edit view for Mobile Users.
  7. Updated SMS processing to consistently utilize the latest released version of an app instead of the latest development version.
  8. Resolved the issue where the custom timeout for user inactivity on a domain was not functioning correctly on the conditional alerts page.
  9. Added a case_id filter to the forms API, enabling the retrieval of forms that are associated with a specific case.
  10. Deprecated the programmatic use of Data Forwarding APIs (API 6) for viewing, creating, and updating data forwarding configurations in Commcare, encouraging users to utilize the user interface for configuring data forwarders instead. See this announcement
  11. Implemented better defaults for new roles in Commcare, including disabling certain permissions by default and introducing the "Mobile App Access" permission that is disabled for new roles except for "Mobile Worker Default," thereby removing the need for feature flags and domain settings related to mobile endpoint access.
  12. Improved the error handling of the validator to address an issue where user data import would halt and display a generic error message when encountering a specific user entry by identifying the cause of the problem and determining that the validator was unnecessary, resulting in successful loading of user rows and displaying information about the loaded and unloaded users.
  13. Standardized page titles and their styles across different pages under the Data tab, resolving discrepancies and ensuring consistency.
  14. Enhanced the print and PDF layout of forms, addressing issues such as extra spacing and overlapping text to improve the overall output quality for end-users.
  15. Removed help text from the search bar and discontinued support for query functionality in the mobile worker search widget.
  16. Implemented the multiple alert banners feature, enabling the display of multiple maintenance alert banners simultaneously.
  17. Implemented the ability for users to deactivate or reactivate API keys through a new button in the key management table.
  18. Web Apps: Deprecated and removed the legacy functionality of editing forms using web apps.
  19. Adjusted the app manager intro content to no longer appear when importing or copying an app, ensuring that the hints and help content are only displayed for users who are new to HQ and require guidance on initial actions. 
  20. Implemented the use of select2 for dropdown menus in the EOF (End of Form) navigation configuration and form linking, improving the user experience by providing enhanced dropdown functionality, particularly for long lists of menus and forms.
  21. Enhanced visibility of UCR rebuilds by adding a warning message to the 'Edit Data Source' page, ensuring users are notified of the rebuild status regardless of the toggle settings and providing additional information alongside the existing 'Preview Data' functionality.
  22. Implemented a check to verify the existence of a relationship between cases on DHIS2 before attempting to create it, preventing potential conflicts and improving log cleanliness by avoiding unnecessary error messages.
  23. Resolved the issue where certain Repeaters' edit pages were inaccessible. 
  24. Fixed a bug that caused existing form links to not be displayed in the user interface by adding a unique identifier (uniqueId) to form links when preparing the context for the view, ensuring consistency between the view context and the available links list.

  25. Enhanced the query efficiency of the populate_repeater_names management command by joining the connection_settings when fetching repeaters, resulting in improved performance and optimization of the command.

  26. Implemented the hiding of the "Incomplete Forms" icon on the "home" screen of web apps when all apps for a user have the "Incomplete Forms" feature disabled, providing a cleaner interface and removing unnecessary visual elements for users without access to incomplete forms functionality.
  27. Made a minor update to the incomplete forms setting logic by adding a properties check, resolving a JavaScript error that occurred for an app with an empty profile, ensuring proper functionality in an edge-case scenario where apps are initially created with empty profiles that are later populated with settings changes.