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Gateway error.The SMS could not be handed off to the gateway. CommCareHQ will try handing off to the gateway 3 times, and if the gateway errors all 3 times the SMS is removed from the queue and labeled with this error.
Phone number has opted out of receiving SMS.The destination phone number has opted out of receiving SMS. The phone number must opt back in to continue receiving messages.
The gateway can't reach the destination number.

The gateway is reporting that the destination number is an invalid number. This could mean that the number is missing digits, that it is not formatted properly, or that it references a land line or non-existent phone number. Check that the contact's phone number is entered correctly in international format.

Note: Not all gateways will provide this error.

The gateway could not process the message because it was too long.The message was too long for the gateway to process. Most gateways support concatenated SMS so the limit is normally very high.
The recipient has been deactivated.If the contact is a user, this means the user is deactivated. If the contact is a case, it means the case has been closed. In either situation, CommCareHQ will not send to deactivated contacts.
No recipientThere is no recipient for the reminder. This can happen, for example, if the reminder sends to a user group and there are no users in the group.
No message available for the given language settings.No translation was found in the reminder for the contact's preferred language (or the reminder's default language if the contact has no preferred language).
Error rendering message; please check syntax.The reminder message is referencing variables incorrectly. Double-check the reminder message's variable references.
Gateway does not support the destination country.The gateway does not allow sending to the destination phone number's country. Double check that the phone number is in international format. If it is, you will need to use a different gateway to send SMS to this contact.
Contact has no phone number.The contact has no phone number configured so the message could not be sent.
Contact has no two-way phone number.The contact either has no phone number configured, or the phone number is not a two-way number. Two-way numbers are required for using SMS surveys. You can find more information here about registering two-way phone numbers.
Cannot find form.The form referenced for the SMS survey could not be found.
No questions were available in the form.The form referenced for the SMS survey had no questions or labels. Check that the form has questions or labels and that display conditions are not preventing questions or labels from being displayed.
The case with the given external ID was not found.A mobile worker invoked a keyword to start an SMS survey (form) that requires a case and passed an external id which does not reference any case that the user has access to.
Multiple cases were found with the given external ID.A mobile worker invoked a keyword to start an SMS survey (form) that requires a case and passed an external id which references more than one case.
The form requires a case but no case was provided.This may happen if you schedule an SMS survey (form) that requires a case to a mobile worker using a broadcast. There is no case to be found in this context so you cannot send surveys which require cases.
No external ID given; please include case external ID after keyword.A mobile worker invoked a keyword to start a survey (form) that requires a case and did not pass an external id to select the case for which to fill out the survey.
Error processing structured SMS.The structured SMS could not be processed because it failed validation, for example if a text response was given to a numeric question type. An error message is sent back to the contact invoking the keyword in this situation explaining what the validation error was.
An error occurred in the formplayer service.This error only affects SMS surveys and can happen if the formplayer service is down. If this happens when starting a scheduled SMS survey, it will be retried until it succeeds. If it is an SMS survey started from a keyword, an error message is returned to the contact asking them to try again.
Gateway could not be found.The gateway to be used to send the message was not found. This can happen if a contact uses a preferred gateway and the gateway referenced cannot be found.
Recipient has no email address.The contact has no email address configured so the email could not be sent.