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The Form Builder is a tool used to create and manage forms in CommCare applications. There are several features of the form builder and it is essential to understand their function prior to getting started.
📖Before you begin, review the Building a Simple Form Tutorial.

To open the form builder:

  1. Login to CommCare
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard
  3. From the Applications section, click an application name
  4. From the left navigation panel, click a form name 


  • Date: collects a date inputted by the user
    Note: On an Android device, the format of a date is determined by the language settings for the device. On WebApps, the accepted input formats are as follows (in order of preference, and note the delimiter matters as part of the format):
    • 'MM/DD/YYYY'

    • 'YYYY-MM-DD'

    • 'M/D/YYYY'

    • 'M/D/YY'

    • 'M-D-YYYY'

    • 'M-D-YY'

    • ISO8601 format

    • If you enter a date with a two digit year, the widget uses logic to figure out which year: currentYear - 90 <=  *inputYear* <= currentYear + 10
  • Time: collects a time input from the user based on device time zone settings
    Note: If device time zone settings are unavailable, time is collected in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).