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These reports include a variety of filtering options. These are described in detail on the Report and Export Filters page.

Worker Activity

The Worker Activity Report shows a summary of form and case activity by user or group. The report is organized into three major sections:


  • 'Username' column: this column displays every registered user in the group(s) selected in the report filter.  NOTE: there is a functionality in CCHQ to "deactivate" (formerly known as "archive") users.  If a user is "deactivated", they will not be displayed here. 
  • 'Form type' columns: this (these) columns display each form type in the domain that satisfies the report filter.  NOTE: if there were 0 forms submitted during the selected time period for, say, form X, this form will not be displayed. 
  • 'All forms' column:  this column is a sum of all of the forms (that satisfy the report filter) submitted by each user.