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Response: JSON output with following Parameters (note: These are likely to change soon . Note that a success code indicates that the upload was processed, but it may have encountered business-level problems with the import's data, such as uploading a case to an invalid location. Also note that these parameters may change to support for better error handling, so do not plan around them).


200: Success

402: Warning

500: Fail



Warning or Failure message"Error processing your file. Submit a valid (.xlsx) file"
status_urlIf an upload is successful, a URL to poll for the status of the processing.

State: 2 - Complete, 3 - Error
(Example of JSON result from hitting status url):
   "state": 2,
   "progress": {"percent": 0},
   "result": {
      "match_count": 0,
      "created_count": 15,
      "num_chunks": 0,
      "errors": []
(Example of JSON result where upload succeeded but encountered business errors):
   "progress": {"percent":0},
   "result": {
      "errors": [{
         "title":"Invalid Owner Name",
         "description":"Owner name was used in the mapping but there were errors when uploading because of these values.",
         "rows": [2,3,4]