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To remove a field click on delete - but note that if you delete a field that has already been populated for users, the next time that user's information is updated, any data collected for that field will be deleted as well. See below for more on this.

You can change the order of the fields by dragging the vertical arrows on the left side of the screen.


concat(instance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_first_name, " ", instance('commcaresession')/session/user/data/commcare_last_name)

Removing Custom User Data and Handling "Uncategorized" Data

Removing Fields

As described above, you can remove fields on the "Edit User Fields" page. Removing a field does not necessarily remove the data that is attached to users.

The bottom of the page includes a checkbox to remove unused fields:

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If you remove a field and do check this box, all data for the removed field will be removed from users.

If you do not check this box, the field will be removed, but users will still have the related data, which is now called "unrecognized" or "uncategorized." If you created a field called "size," assigned a value to a user, and then deleted the field, when you view the user you will see this section of "unrecognized" data. As described in the warning, if you save this user, the "size" value will be deleted.

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 This unrecognized data will still appear in mobile worker downloads and can still be edited. It will appear in columns marked "Uncategorized."